Client: Scampdoodles

Agency: Kappow

Role: Wordpress Development

For many people their dog, cat or other pet is often their sole companion and a real priority for people in crisis is their pet’s welfare. The thought of giving up their much loved pet to a rescue centre and unknown future is heart breaking for them. Scampdoodles helps people keep their pet for a long as possible and helps them choose a new home when the time comes. And once a new home has been chosen, we help a dying person keep in touch with their pet through phone calls, text, facetime, letters or visits to either home or hospice.


Bespoke Build

Although we used WordPress as a base for this project, the theme and several plugins were custom developed. We required a handful of very specific, very bespoke functions that would help the site become the platform it is. Without this bespoke development, the site would never have reached the levels of success it has done.

Rapid Development

The quality of this build was second to none, but the speed was very impressive too. Our in-house team were able to create rapid prototypes from the designs, which enabled the client to quickly check the functionality, and as a result, pivot certain features on the fly. The entire build was completed within 3 weeks.

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