A development studio for creative agencies

You’re probably wondering, who are Zag Agency and what do they do, right? To give you a very quick elevator pitch: We are a small development studio who only work with, and support creative agencies with technical know-how and coding skills.

So many creative agencies seem to have a lack of in-house development skill. This is usually because very good developers are hard to come by, or they cost a small fortune. And if they aren’t busy, your agency is losing money. So that is where we come in.


A development studio for creative agencies

I suspect, that if you are one of these agencies, then you usually hire a freelancer (like our founder, Rob Fenech) and that is awesome. Great work. We love freelancers. But what happens a lot with good freelancers? They get too busy. Their rates go up. They can’t take on that last minute request from a client because they are in with another agency. Freelancers are awesome, but if they aren’t booked in due course, it can sometimes be a nightmare.


No more worrying

You come to us and you’ll pay no more than any other freelancer in the market but with the added bonus that there are eight of us here at any one time. No more worrying about availability for last minute jobs. No more worrying that this project is going to run over because your freelancer goes off sick. No more worrying, full stop.


Top quality coders in the UK

And what does that mean for you? Well, it means reliability for your clients for a start. It means getting top quality coding right here in the UK (Stamford, Lincolnshire to be exact). It means less time managing development work and more time doing your actual job. As a creative agency, you need to go out there and be creative. Let us worry about the tech and you just make sure it looks beautiful. In short, you zig, we zag.

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